When we come to see our clients washing machines we often get asked how can i increase the life of my washing machine??

There are a few simple things that need to be done once in a while to keep your washing machine running smooth and repair free.

Firstly read the owners manual, there are useful things in there.

Front loaders:

Front loading washing machines need to be kept open all the time so that they can dry out inside. After the washing is done, leave that door open and keep it open until the next wash. This will prevent 2 things from happening. Firstly the mold will not grow and your machine will not smell. Secondly and most importantly the spider (part that holds the drum) will not corrode because its made out of aluminium. Moisture and left over washing powder residue creates a acidic environment which will eat away the aluminium spider in the washing machine and the drum will collapse. In most cases if the drum collapses the machine can be thrown away because the washing machine repair cost will be too expensive.

Once a month a cleaning cycle needs to be done. The cleaning cycle can be done by putting the machine into a long hot wash cycle with no clothes or washing powder. To improve the monthly cleaning cycle a special cleaning descaler such as Hillmark Scalex can be used. A cleaning cycle will clean the insides of your washing machine. It will wash away lint, built up residue of washing powder or softener. If the cleaning cycle is not done, with time small oily stains from the washing powder/softener will start to appear on the clothes. Or in worst case scenario the build up can get so bad that it will become a thick sponge on the spider and constant moisture and washing powder residue will eat away the spider and again the drum can collapse costing hundreds of dollars in repairs.

Check the pockets for coins, hair clips and other foreign objects that do not belong in washing machine. Check the drain filter monthly for things that get caught up in there. If a coin slips through the tiny hole between the drum and the seal it can cause big damage. If a coin makes it through to the water pump and the pump is in full speed it can break and this type of things are unnecessary repairs that could have been prevented.

Do not use more powder/softener then recommended. The washing results will not be better if extra powder is added. If more powder is used then required it will not dissolve and will start to build up on the inside of the machine and with time will get thick and start to peel of and leave oily or greasy stains on clothes. If oily or greasy stains are noticed on clothes then its time for a few cleaning cycles.

Do not overload the machine. Overloading the washing machine causes extra stress on mechanical and electrical components. Belts and bearings begin to wear out much faster and the motor and control boards burn out because extra current is needed to spin the drum with a overloaded load in the machine.

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